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Produkt  Print 

Hess frame press type Hydro-Lux electrohydraulic

used, without revision

manufactured by Hess
type Hydro-Lux
built in 1983
mach.-no. HL 2100 4083 0033
adjustment by optical length scanning
for width and height or manual motoric
motorical width- and height adjustment by
thread spindles with gears
quickly connecting and disconnecting of the vertical-pressure bar
automatic-press drainage by impulse giving
double-acting vertical-hydraulic-pressure cylinder with
200 mm cylinder hub
2100 kp pressure capacity by 120 bar
double-acting horizontal-hydraulic-pressure cylinder
with 200 mm stroke, 2100 kp
pressure plate depth 100 mm
optical adjustment scanning of the furnish frames
safety switching
automatic final pressure cutoff and according switching
working dimensions:
3050 mm width, 2050 mm height
by loose infeeded frame pieces
3050 mm width, 2200 mm height
by put before frames

special equipment:
middle pressure bar connect- a. disconnectable at central-drive,
200 mm cylinder hub, cut-off valve,

located in 97447 Gerolzhofen
sale in current condition

model: 15651
condition: special item
price: 5.500,00 €
availibility: in stock
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