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Aigner Integral fence

with instruction book
manufactured by Aigner

- The integral fence is uitable for most vertical spindle
  milling machines
- Mounting and adjusting the fence system is a simple and
  rapid operation without any additional tools
- Providing accurate opening and height adjustment for
  different tool diameter and depth is a simple operation
  with a wide range of adjustability
- The guide bars interlock in the outfeed fence case, providing
  a secure and smooth surface, supporting the workpiece in
  the non-machined area
- Other safety, working, and support units can be mounted on
  the integral fence. These include the flush fix, supßport rail,
  pressure module, filling bar and spreader
- The hard-coat layer on the fence surfaces provides a reduced
  friction and wear resistant finish

two halves per 650 mm long
Art.No. 214243000

located in 97447 Gerolzhofen
sale in current condition

model: 22176
price: 640,00 €
availibility: sold
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